We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you for the great support that you are to this ministry in our mission to win souls and disciple them for Christ through the various means that we have deployed. Romans 10:13-15 says in verse 15 -“And how shall they preach, except they be sent? You are our sending force and without you, our going becomes extremely difficult. Read More


One year ago we set a target to buy land worthy 90,000,000/-(ninety million shillings), and we thank you all for honouring your pledges and enabling us to purchase the land. Since it’s adjacent to the current location, we will use it appropriately until a time when we can develop it. Read More


The school has had 245 pupils this year with almost the same number of boys and girls. We have had 17 sit for their Primary leaving examinations. We lost 5 classrooms at the beginning of the March-April rains and we are yet to reconstruct them. Improvising has been difficult but we have managed. Read More

Gospel Missions

We have done a number of Gospel missions in various parts of Uganda and we look forward to doing a lot more in 2017. In our missions we reach out to the lost and teach believers, leaving them the task of the new converts and personal growth after we leave.


For the last 3 years, we have been gathering in Lugogo Indoor Stadium to celebrate the end of the year, thanking God for both Old and New Year. So this happens every 31st December and this year we welcome you all to our 4th Presence Nite. Your support has gone long ways in getting all this done.


To equip the unemployed with tools for establishing income generating projects with minimal capital investment. To promote a saving culture by encouraging groups within micro communities.


To improve community health by promoting quality, household hygiene and sanitation. To sensitize communities about HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment.